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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it is 6 o'clock and that's a live look at where the ravens won't be playing this sunday.
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behind there is 95. it leads to where they will be playing fed-ex field. both places this morning it is cold. there's probably frost on parked cars. sharon will have traffic right after meteorologist tim williams in for marty and over at first warning weather. >> good morning. those clear skies have allowed the temperatures to drop. any heat we generated yesterday has lifted up and out of here. 21 oakland, 30 at bwi 29 elkin 31 on the shore. our daytime high only in the low to mid 40s with a good day of sunshine. we have rain headed our way. we will talk about the timing of it coming up. keeping a close eye on our interstates and surface streets sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. we have a new problem to tell you about. this one will effect you in ann arundel county. two intersections on crane highway where we had traffic lights out
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one at mayo road, the other hospital drive treat them as 4-way stops. there's a look at your speeds on the beltway. that's a live look at 95 in and out of the tunnel. remember wjz 13 is always on so for traffic information any time log onto here's what people will be talking about today gunfire ringing out inside saint joseph medical center in towson as a prisoner tries to wrestle a gun away from a police officer. christy alleto is live outside the hospital with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that prisoner was getting medical attention here at the hospital when he turned on hospital staff and the officer guarding him. >> police cars flood the entrance to the emergency room at university of maryland saint josephs medical center. >> a police officer and the prisoner got into a scuffle. >> it started around 2:30
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wednesday afternoon. the officer was guarding a prisoner who had been taken to the er for medical attention. a hospital staffer noticed something wasn't right. >> at some point one of the hospital staff people discover that had the prisoner had a needle of some sort hidden in his clothing. >> the man grabbed a hospital staffer. that's when the officer stepped in and the prisoner tried to gab her run. a struggle end sued and a shot was fired into the wall. >> the officer discharged pepper spray in an attempt to subdue the prisoner. that attempt was unsuccessful. >> hospital officials say thanks to the quick response of the emergency department staff and the security team the incident was resolved quickly with no injuries. >> reporter: we learn that prisoner had been arrested on a burglary charge. don, back to you. >> thank you. county police will conduct an investigation into how the gun got discharged. it's a story we brought you
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as breaking news last night. police have now made their 1000th illegal gun arrest so far this year a pair of officer as made the milestone collar. they stopped a home invasion from progress. anthony bass and stephanie rawlings blake give it to foot patrols. >> we had extra officers walking the streets to make sure we get on top of the spike in violent crime. >> the tells me that we can be a safer city saz long as we continue our relentless pursuit of guns. >> violent crime down 5%, gun crime down 9%. a woman is behind bars in the fatal stabbing of her 2-year-old child. nicole fitzgerald has been charged with
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murder and child abuse of her son sars. she has a large knife wound on her neck that was self-inflicted. a man kill in a fire in baltimore county. the blaze broke out just after midnight at a home on sweet air road in jacksonville. an elderly man was founded inside. -- was found inside. his identity is not being released. two firefighters got injury fighting the blaze. the university of maryland's women's basketball coach helped bring the drug shortage crisis to a national spotlight. the problem has put surgeries at ann arundel medical center in jeopardy. >> as doctors at a. medical center prepared for surgeries on a late november weekend they became concerned about their low supply of a drug needed to reverse anesthesia for patients after surgery. supply was so low doctors considered
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cancellation. >> it's an example of how hospitals have to continuously monitor their supply of critical drugs. >> drug shortages have been increasingly common from 2005 to 2011 the number of drugs on the fda's shortage list has more than tripled. >> how concerned are you about the shortages? >> i think the public needs to be concerned but not panic. every hospital in the state and the country is facing the same sort of difficulty. >> several factor red -- factors are to blame manufacturing problems and middleman companies that buy up medications in short supply and resell them at huge mark ups. the issue gained national attention when university of maryland basketball coach brenda freese and her husband spoke out. congressman elijah comings has led the national charge to
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investigation drug shortages. he promises to crack down on wholesaleers. -- wholesalers. >> if it's not criminal it should be made a crime because you're stealing somebody's life. >> the fda already tightened its rule on manufactures. sky 13 was over this scene yesterday after a car went off the road and down into an embankment. he went off winters road run. rescue crews pulled the 21-year-old driver from the car. we have no word on his current condition this morning. in sports an intense rivalry is about to be contested for the 113th time. the army and navy football game. kai jackson at the naval academy for a rowdy
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pep rally. >> the midshipmen located in annapolis are ready to do battle. their biggest battle, army. >> they're going to go out and serve and it's like brother against brother. >> this year's game will be play in philadelphia. before that happens they hold their annual pep rally while the navy band plays more than stars and stripes. >> i just can't wait to dominate army and have a final party. >> it's exciting going into the last army and navy game for our class. >> this will be the 113th meeting of the two teams. we have an eyewitness news tradition for the pep rally which explains this -- that this is a fire,
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this is fire works and this is fired up. mid shipment say the on thing more exciting than the pep rally will be the game itself and they can't wait for that to happen. >> if you think that was a big display of spirit, wait until you see the 113th army navy game which you can live on wjz 13 this saturday afternoon at 3:00. that fire would have been a nice thing last night. >> oh, yeah, keep your hands a little warm. definitely. that's why it's impressive. just to see them all come in from both sides it's impress toif see that formation that they create. >> it takes a while to do but it's neat to see. they leave kind of the same way. when one of them scores lots of stuff -- >> yeah. i don't think we heard anything about one of them stealing the other's mascot or yet.
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the goat or whatever. >> yeah it's a goat. >> the others have a -- is it bulldog? >> i think you're right. >> i'm trying to think of the other one. >> that goat typically disappears at some point. it's going to be chilly. actually on saturday not so bad temperature wise. saturday we're looking at a temperature around 60 up and down this stretch from philadelphia to dc. the problem is there could be some showers. 44 today full day of sunshine tonight temperatures going down to about 30. for tomorrow, back up to about 50 and then again 60 on saturday but the rain is part of the forecast. we'll have it for you coming up in your complete forecast in a moment. we're now going live at the lyric theater. mike schuh and friends are there. hi mike. >> hi . >> reporter: hello. we are at the lyric an amazing place to come visit. we have visitors this weekend. they are from disney. we have aladdin and
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aerial. they're here all weekend. we're going to talk to them when we return on eyewitness news.
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good morning. it's a chilly start to the day. since our last check temperatures have actually dropped. we were just at 30 at the airport now we're down to 28. calm winds. 30.36 is the barm ometer. high pressure is dominating the forecast for today. 21 right now in oakland 29 cumberland, 31 on the shore ,
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annapolis checking in at 38. the water temperatures are at 47. that's dictating the temperatures close. calm winds around most of the area. 13 mile an hour winds arnold dc. just one pocket of breeze. here's what's going to dictate our weather. we have a front out to the west. it's going to be moving in our direction. the low pressure that's driving that front is the counter clock wise flow around that low that's going to start to pull in mild air as it starts to move on in. today it's very cold because the high that's bringing us these clear conditions is bringing us the chilly air. as that low moves in it's going to pull in the mild air. temperatures go to the 50s tomorrow, near 60 on saturday and sunday. it keeps the rain just over the region. the temperatures getting a little warmer, rain stays with us through about monday and then we'll start to see clearing
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heading into the middle of next week. that's both sides of that the milder temperatures will be closer. your official sunrise time at 7:13. a full day of sunshine, chilly. our average high now is 48. over night lows around 31, right on target. a car heater seat alert. >> if you are headed out you might want to give yourself a few extra minutes to warm up your car depending on where you are. we have to warn you about traffic lights out in two different intersections on crane highway. one at crane highway at mayo road, the other at hospital drive.
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there's a look at a water main break we have at maiden choice lane. you 695 instead. the beltway speeds still looking good. 62 and 61. there's a live look outside at 95 south of the beltway running smoothly. if you're headed out of the tunnel, no issues in. this traffic report is brought to you by your maryland toyota dealer. toyotas are built to save you money today and tomorrow. now is the time to make the jump to toyota. don, back over to you. >> thank you. if you're traveling by the lyric any time soon you're going to see a channel 13 truck outside and mike schuh and friends inside. hello once again, mike. >> reporter: hello. we're just sitting here talking about this show. it's an amazing weekend in store down here. it's kauled -- -- it's called -- >> mickey's music festival. >> reporter: they've going to give you three shows within a show. you may not know but i'm standing next to aladdin.
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>> hello. >> reporter: whose name is? >> blake. >> he kind of hands it off to different parts of the show. what do you do? >> i portray the roll of aladdin and mickey introducing us along with jeanie. we do lots of flips and jumps off trampolines then we meet jasmine. we talk about our love story between aladdin a and jazz mine. -- jasmine. very fun. >> reporter: now jasmine -- no. hold on. ariel. i knew i would get my characters mixed up. real name. >> a lecia. mickey takes a trip
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under the sea and gets to visit ariel's world where there's a lot of fun dancing. they sprays -- they spice it up. it brings modern current music to life without the classing fair tales. as i said, ariel's sisters get to do a fun dance to single ladies. sebastian takes us to -- >> reporter: he's the crab? >> yes. with the help of sebastian ariel tries to goat her legs. ursla makes an appearance as well. she tried to find her prince and get her voice back and there's a lot of fun dancing. also mickey, mini, donald and goofy they play this interactive game called the shell game. all the kids can get up and dance and play along
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and try to win the game, see if they can win. >> reporter: the cowgirl is also included. just tell me quickly your one -- not one be right back one of the main things you do on stage with others. it involves ropes? >> yes. the cowgirl shows us her fancy rope trick ins double dutch. woody shows us his tricks and even bulls eye. >> reporter: there you go. it's call ed ed mickey's music festival. it's at the lyric tomorrow and saturday. how much are tickets? >> you have a good memory because i don't know. >> reporter: down here at the lyric, thank you for joining us this morning. back to you guys on tv hill. >> all right. >> very cool. a lot going on. mickey's music fest ival.
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>> got you. >> all right . >> kind of neat. i feel like i've been there. >> done that. >> i mean just now. by the way way, still to come on wjz. >> a prank caller gets confidential information about the duchess prince middleton's pregnancy. more on the royal security leak coming
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it is 6:24. we just learned the duchess of cambridge left the hospital this morning. this comes after private details of kate middleton's pregnancy were broadcast for the world to hear by a prank caller who was posing as the queen. mary bubala has the recorded phone call that duped almost everybody. >> the duchess of cambridge gets a hospital visit from her sister and brother the day after a phony caller claiming to be the queen got through the kate's nurse. >> hello. good morning. >> hello there. could i please speak to kate, please, my granddaughter. >> the australian's dj got passed the operator and tricked kate's nurse too. she revealed that the duchess had not thrown up during her shift. >> she's been getting some
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fluids to rehydrate her. >> the nurse said kate was sleeping. a second dj pretending to be prince charles replied it's no pal lance is it. >> when would be all right to come down and see her? maybe morning or something if that's okay. >> i would suggest that any time after 9:00 would be suitable. sflsz the call went on for several minutes km pleat with the queen's fake dogs barking in the background. the radio host from the station 2 day fm apologized for the hocks saying they thought they would be disconnected. the hospital president promises to investigation the break down in phone security. >> that hospital has provided care to the royal family for 70 combreers. -- 70 years. next up this morning right
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here on wjz >> a prisoner turns on hospital staff and the officer guarding hill while receiving medical treatment. i'm christy alleto. the der fie der -- the terrifying details right ahead. >> president obama and john boehner talk by phone about the fiscal cliff rchl the two kids any closer to a deal. >> coming up, fema gives the cold shoulder to people in crisfield still suffering after hurricane sandy. that story as eyewitness news continues. >> sharon gibala here with wjz traffic control. if you're about to head out now is the time we usually start seeing delays on the road. right now over the tim. >> in for marty bass in the first warning weather center. the cold temperatures are settling in. your complete first warning weather forecast coming up. >> holiday movies are poping up
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all over tv. actor an dri mccarthy tells us about his. stay tuned the
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. it is 6:30. it's a much colder morning than it's been any morning this week. that's live look at the southwest corner of the city. sharon will take care of the other roads and it's tim williams in for bernadette woods who is in for marty bass who is over at first warning weather. >> that gets us there. sure does. today our temperatures are on the cold side. we're looking at 28 degrees starting off. 24 now in oakland 29 elkin, 3 1 on the shore. our forecast high today in the mid 40s which is right on target for our normal high for this date which is around 47. your complete updated first warning weather forecast coming up. sharon gibala is where she should be at wjz traffic control. >> good morning.
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the delays are showing up where they should be. on the west side outer loop of the beltway we have an accident. that's on the outer loop at 70 westbound. watch for day delays -- watch for delays there. lights out at mayor drive and hospital drive at cane. speeds slowing on the west side of the beltway down to 46 for an average on the outer loop. that's a live look at 95 just south of white marsh. those are the southbound lanes coming towards us. if we take a look outside they look like they are starting to slow just a bit. this traffic report is brought to cow by your maryland toyota dealer. toyotas are built to save you money today and tomorrow. now is the time to make the jump to toyota. don, back over to you. >> thank you. the top of the news, things should be back to normal at saint joseph medical center in towson after a shot was fired
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inside the emergency room. christy alleto is live outside the hospital with more on what happened there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a prisoner turn ed on hospital staff here at the hospital and the officer guarding him while receiving medical attention. >> police cars flood the entrance to the emergency room at university of maryland saint josephs medical center. >> police officer and the prisoner gout into a scuffle. >> fellow officers rushed to help that female officer. the officer was guarding a prisoner who had been taken to the er for medical attention. a hospital staffer noticed something wasn't right. >> at some point one of the hospital staff people discovered that the prisoner had a needle of some sort hidden in his clothing. >> the man grabbed the hospital staffer. that's when the officer stepped in and the prisoner tried to grab her gun. a shot was fired into the wall. >> the officer discharged pepper spray in an attempt to
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subdue the prisoner. that attempt was unsuccessful. >> in a statement to wjz hospital officials say thanks to the quick ri response of the emergency department staff and the university of maryland saint josephs security team the incident was resolved quickly with no injuries to our staff or patients. >> reporter: it remains unclear how exactly the prisoner was able to get ahold of the so-called needle in the first place. >> baltimore county police will conduct an investigation into how the gun was discharged in the emergency room. software founder john mcafee is behand -- behind bars. he was seeking asslym claiming he was being persecuted in belize where he's wanted in the shooting death of a neighbor. in the surprise announcements today the top american and russian diplomates will hold a meeting for the u.s.
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peace envoy for syria. it signals to end the country's 21 month civil war. u.s. secretary of state hilary clinton and the russian foreign minister will be part of the meeting. the gathering of the figures possible compromise in how to handle the conflict in syria. stay tuned. also stay tuned this country is one step closer to falling off the fiscal cliff this morning. while the major players are still not sitting down to talk, there's some good news believe it or not this morning. here is suzanne mcginnis. >> social security workers marched outside they're office in baltimore wednesday. they're protesting the governments cuts to kick in at the end of the year. sdmrsz -- >> we don't want to see our public hurt. >> just down the road in washington dc the stand off continues. house speaker john boehner said he's still waiting for president obama to make his next counter offer to the
6:35 am
republican plan he rejected. >> i'm going to need a response from the white house. we can't negotiate with ourselves. >> the president and boehner spoke on the phone wednesday. republicans want more. >> we want to sit down with the president. we want to talk specifics. >> whether the talks happen on the phone or in person here at capitol hill or at the white house there will be no deal without a compromise on taxes. >> i'm obsession to raise taxes is not going to solve the problem. >> timothy gitner said the white house is willing to go over the fiscal cliff if the gop doesn't agree to raise taxes on the top 2% of corners. the parties position seems unchangeable. >> speaker boehner took a position i think the day after the campaign that said we're willing to bring in revenue but
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not being to take a risk. >> the president said they could reach a deal within a week. >> the white house budget officer is issuing an order to prepare for more than $100 billion in spending cuts in a compromise cannot be reached before the deadline. changes are coming to the national hurricane center's warning system after super storm sandy. it is loosening the criteria to issue hurricane strength warnings. the same alerts were triggered even though it downgraded from a hurricane. it's so everyone will be ready for extreme conditions. this morning this people in crisfield are still suffering from sandy's damage after fema decided not to provide assistance. maryland lawmakers are challenging that decision. >> when sandy flooded crisfield
6:37 am
saving lives came first. >> is there water coming inside your residence? >> yes ma'am. >> stay calm. >> i have my grandson. >> take ing stock of the damage came next. sitting just above the bay many in town took a hit. >> my building took a big beating. it's the worse i've seen. >> crisfield took it the hardest in terms of the sea level rise and the title surge and a lot of people have been swamped out of their homes. >> after seeing the damage the governor asked for federal disaster relief, money for repairing infrastructure was approved but not to homeowners. the information doesn't support a major disaster declaration fema said. you know our hearts go out to them. >> we need help. we need help. we cannot do it. >> the reason, many who lost furnaces first floors and roofs don't have the money to make
6:38 am
repairs. >> it comes hard when you know that you're going to have to pay that much money out of your pocket, which we don't have. >> we are small down in a rural area. you got a look at the damage we had. take all of that into consideration. >> marylanders members of congress said they will restate that dilemma to fema just like they did more than a month ago. >> the governor says he will appeal fema's decision as well. will ter tell -- terrell play on sunday? he said he will try his best to get on the field. it will have to be game time decision. >> my most many concern is would i help or hinder the team by playing? i don't want to be out there and can't make a play
6:39 am
because i'm unthey healthy and don't have a bull bicep. if it will help us or hinder us? >> our camera spotted ray lewis at practice yesterday. he has a torn tricep. he said he's making tremendous progress in his recovery and plans to play again before the season ends. you can see the ravens going down the road to take on the washington redskins at fed-ex field live on wjz 13. kick off is scheduled for 1:00 sunday afternoon. be sure to stay tuned for wjz's post game coverage. we will bring you all the highlights, reaction and a lot of football talk following the game. it's when the ravens hope to go 10-3 on the season. >> let's hope. unfortunately, there will b a chance of some showers on sunday but the temperatures will be ironically
6:40 am
-- call it a terrell suggs kind of day. temperature 55. hopefully he'll be around. we're looking at high pressure today, chilly temperatures. that chilly air is going to be over us for the day. tomorrow we start going up into the 50s and near 60s by the weekend. the trade off is we can have a chance of showers through the weekend. >> coming up on coffee with andy mccarthy. coming up, sharon has the latest on your morning commute and tim
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happy holidays to you. it's definitely feeling more like the holidays with temperatures now dropping below that 70 degree range that we started the week with. we're at 28 now at bwi 22 is your dew point. the air over all is pretty dry out there. when the temperature and dew point are close you see more you humidity. 77% humidity. winds have been from the north and northwest, currently calm. high pressure in control now at 30.26 your barometer. we have 21 oakland 23 cumberland, 29
6:44 am
elkin, dc closer to 35 now 28 in columbia, 34 rock hall, 28 well air and westminster. the water temp which -- temperature now is just about 37. calm readings for you wind. the northeast wind down around easton. high pressure is in control of the forecast. the high is around the great lakes. that's the reason for all the dry air around the mid atlantic. the counter clock why flow around this high is going to push in mild air. our temperatures go into the 50s and 60s heading into the weekend. the rain stays with us until this front clears us and that's not going to happen monday into tuesday. a chance of showers
6:45 am
off and on starting tomorrow evening through monday. the temperatures go up above the more mall high of which is about 48 now. sunrise officially at 7:13. southwest wind at 5 to 10. 47 today full day of sunshine. that northwest wind keeps us cool. 31 tonight with some clouds and chilly conditions in place. we're going to be watching the temperatures getting up to about 60 degrees. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. if you are just about to head out we have an accident and delays already on the west side of the beltway. it's on the outer loop at 70. keep that in mind. also keep in mind traffic lights out at two intersections on cane. on the beltway still looking at speeds just a bit slow, 46 is your
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average on the west side outer loop. that's a live look outside at that west side outer loop delay there to the right. this traffic report is brought to you by your maryland toyer -- toyota dealer. now is the time to make the jump to toyota. visit buy a for special offers. if you're feeling lucky at the moment go to and enter our billy elliot opening night ticket give away contest. two winners will receive a family forpack. that includes tickets to see billy elliot, cd poster onned other goodies -- poster and other goodies. this morning's coffee with guest is andrew mccarthy. the satellite interview was furnished be i the hallmark channel. >> good morning sir. >> good morning. >> how
6:47 am
are we doing? >> great. how are you doing? >> i'm not doing badly. getting over a bad sinus infection or something. that's neither here nor there. when i was a child growing up and the holidays were approaching you could count on the hallmark hall of fame to have a production to put you mt. proper spirit. now the hallmark channel seems to be doing the same thing with this production you're involved in. tell us about it. >> yeah, it's exactly that. i remember those movies growing up as wem. this -- as well. this one is called come dance with me. it has that hallmark, feel good unsend cal unironic, straight ahead heartwarming story. apply a corporate climber who is on the fast track and i have to learn to dance for the company christmas party.
6:48 am
i go take waltz lessons and fall in love with my teacher. it gives up the idea that happiness comes with a paycheck and it's really about a matter of the heart. it's exactly one of those hall mark themes rolled into one with little dancer tloen thrown in. sdmrsz -- one a little dancer thrown in. >> are you a dancer? >> i am. i didn't dance at all before the movie. i had to learn how to waltz. you learn things you just wouldn't in your normal life. i wanted to know how to dance but had a fairly typical male resistant and inhibition to it. i had to learn for the movie. i was terrible at it at first and for quite a long time. eventually the penny dropped and i loved it. there's something about the
6:49 am
formality of it. i like that. >> identify i identify with that because having to dance for a family a wedding several years ago my wife and a i went and took dance lessons. it did not come easily to me. if you were back on the dance floor now can you dance? >> yeah, i can get throughout -- get out there now. my wife has been trying to drag me out for years to go dancing and now i can actually get on the dance floor with her. she's thrilled i did this movie. i really like it now. i can only do one dance. don't ask it me to do a foxtrot. i can waltz. >> are you passed counting in your head? >> yes i'm past that mostly. >> you're doing better than me, by the way. i'm sure a lot of our vieers recognize you from a weekend with bernny or the joy
6:50 am
luck club. how often do people recognize you on the streets from your movies? >> sometimes i get it every day. i get truck drivers going where's bernie. a lot of women recognize me from pretty in pink. you know, different things. it happens. it's just part of my daily life. >> looking elsewhere -- >> which is often a nice thing. it opens worlds to me that might not get open. >> it makes everything a small place, the whole world. >> it does. >> they might know you as a different character. i hear you're a travel writer. how did that happen? >> 10 years ago i started -- it's been a passionate of mine for years for traveling. i parlayed my passion into a side career. i've been traveling for national geographic and a bunch
6:51 am
of different magazines. it was just another passion that just became something i wanted to do. it's a great add junket career. i'm going to look for the perfect cup of tea. they sort of all feed each other and roll into each other. >> i envy you that and still being able to dance. we look forward to seeing come dance with me this start night. it premiers on the hall mark panel. >> thank you. >> end it's been nice talking to you. >> yeah, you too. we're going to take blaek -- take a break and come back with more first warning weather and a traffic report. don't go a
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6:54 am
6 minutes before 7:00. here come your updates from sharon and tim. >> 47 a full day of sup -- sunshine. 31 tonight with some clouds around. tomorrow we go up to 52. now for a check of the roads we send it to sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. good morning. typical a delays working out there plus an accident on the best side -- west side of the beltway still there. on the west side at 70. trafblg lights out at major road and hospital road at main. speeds still slow on the west
6:55 am
side of the beltway. speeds looking good on 95 between white marsh and the tunnel. that's a look at the west side of the beltway at baltimore national pike. you can see the brake lights nit distance. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call 888-888-home. an investigation continues this morning after a gunshot is fired inside the emergency room of what is now called the university of maryland saint joseph medical center. a prisoner being treated grabbed a hospital staffer. when a police officer stepped in he tried to grab her gun. there was a struggle and a shot was fired into the wall. nobody was hurt. the prisoner was being held on a burglary charge. city police made their 1000th illegal gun arrest. a pair of officers meated the milestone collar on manchester
6:56 am
avenue when they stopped a home invasion in progress. anthony bass and mayor blake credited increased d foot patrols. police say nicole fitzgerald has been charged with murder and child abuse in the death of her son, paris a. he was kill in their home this past weekend. an over night fire has kwlamed a ed -- has caused a fire in baltimore county. an elderly man was found dead inside. two firefighters also suffered minor injuries. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead for you this morning. there are new budget deal developments as we continue to count down to the so-called anies clal -- fiscal cliff. you can see it's a beautiful morning in baltimore, maryland. if you're stepping outside expect it to be 10 to 20 degrees cool
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